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My name's Jessica, you dig?
I'm nineteen and I hail from Yorkshire, England. I study Media in Birmingham. I'm very much an optimist, and a bit of a fantasist. I love getting completely caught up in books, movies, music, and television shows. I edit videos for Untold: Birmingham, and I write music articles,


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Last night I submitted my final deadline for my second year of university. I then switched on the radio to hear some friends in a band being interviewed in the studio. The entire room was shouting “big ups” to another friend of mine, before name-checking yet another. This was BBC Radio 1. Success is everywhere. 

This past year has been properly mental, in the absolute best way possible. Love to everyone.

This weekend, we’re celebrating like it’s all that matters.

Does this fall into the ‘hype and B-Town’ category? I don’t care. Listen to it.

I don’t post on here too much any more. When I do it’s generally all hype and B-town (it’s all so damn good though!) If you care to keep up/in touch, check THIS WEBSITE for my music reviews, hit me up ON TWITTER, or ASK for my facebook. Much love.



This is Josh and Reece from my band’s new project along with three other friends of ours. They make amazing music so give it a listen!

This is so damn good. So listen to the man; give it a play, and download it from here.

I’m interviewing Wide Eyed tonight. This is not going to go to plan.

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